The Texas Rig, The Carolina Rig, and the Flipping Rig: Bass Fishing Rigs Explained

Bass fishing rigs and set ups explained for beginner anglers.

Anglers new to the sport of bass fishing may have questions about how to set up their gear. There are several types of rigs that work great for catching bass. Knowing how to tie each specific rig will allow anglers to change their setup for the conditions of the waters they are fishing.

The three most popular rigs are: The Texas Rig, The Carolina Rig, and the flipping rig. The information below will detail how to tie each rig along with what you will need to prepare. Properly used, each of the rigs below can result in a successful fishing trip.

The Texas Rig- To tie a Texas Rig, you will need a worm hook, bullet sinker (also known as a worm weight), and a bead (optional). Slip the bullet sinker onto the line with the pointed end toward your rod tip. Follow the bullet sinker with the bead. The bead is an optional step, however many anglers find the bead can contribute to their success. The bullet sinker will slide up and down on the line and hit the bead making noise. Underwater the noise can attract bass. The bead can also serve as a bit of protection for the knot, buffering it from being hit by the bullet weight, preventing fraying. The last step in preparing the Texas Rig is to attach your favorite rubber worm.

The Carolina Rig- The Carolina Rig is a bit more complex than the Texas Rig. To tie a Carolina Rig you will need: worm hook, bullet or egg sinker, bead, and a swivel. Begin by pulling a length of line around 15-20 inches to use as a leader. Tie the hook to one end and the swivel to the other. On the main line, slide the sinker followed by the bead. Then tie your leader line to the main line using the swivel.

The Flipping Rig-The Flipping Rig is possible the most simple of bass rigs. You will need a flipping jig head and a skirt (optional). To create the Flipping Rig, simply tie the bait onto your line and your ready to fish. If you choose to use the skirt, slide the skirt to the top of your lure. The skirt can act as an attractant to underwater fish.

Now that you know the basics of the most popular bass fishing rigs, you may want to know how to rig your rubber worm with the hook. To do this, slide the hook directly into the nose of the lure just past the barb. Push the barb through the rubber worm, being careful to keep it centered. Turn the hook around so that the barb faces the lure itself. Pull the hook until the eye is inserted inside the lure. Push the barb side through the lure. This helps the lure become somewhat "weedless".

You are now equipped with the information you need to tie the most popular rigs for bass fishing. To master these rigs, practice often. Soon it will become second nature


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