Predator Hunting: Fox Hunting Tips

Electronic calls can be more costly, but sometimes are more effective.

Predator hunting is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. One of the most sought after predators is the fox. Foxes are cunning animals and provide much excitement for hunters. Educating yourself on some basics of fox hunting and result in much more successful hunt.

The weapon you use can make the difference between a solid shot and a wounded animal. This decision is largely based on your own personal preference. You should consider the type of terrain you are hunting, the damage that the bullet will cause to the animals hide (especially if you plan to sell the pelt). Shot guns or rifles are both acceptable, choose the weapon you are most comfortable with using.


Calls come in many varieties. Electronic calls are a bit more costly, but are more effective. This is especially true during winter weather when the reeds inside of a traditional mouth call can freeze, rendering the call useless. The type of call that you use should imitate an animal in distress. One of the most common distress call is a rabbit call. Hearing the sound of a rabbit that is injured or incapacitated can draw a fox out into the open.

Don't forget to use effective camouflage. Foxes have sharp vision. Dress in camouflage from head to toe and don't disregard a face mask. Nothing will be more frustrating than to have a fox stalking your decoy and call and have him spot you and bolt. The time of day you fox hunt can make all the difference in the world. While foxes are not nocturnal, they mostly stir in low-light times of day, like early in the morning or dusk. Spending all day calling a fox during other times can prove futile.

The tips above are a great place to begin when planning your fox hunt. As with any sport the best tips are those learned by your own experience. As with any type of hunting, the most effective way to learn and become proficient is by diligent practice. Take it upon yourself to become educated about the feeding and bedding habits of your game. Strive to discover the daily patterns of your game. This knowledge will allow you to place yourself in a hunting area at the right time of day to have the optimal opportunity for a successful hunt.


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