Landing Big Fish Using an Ultralight Rod

It is possible to catch big fish with an ultralight rod. Learn how this can be done.

The experienced angler knows that the ultra light rod can be beneficial in certain situations. The benefits are evident in the ability to feel hits sooner and more flexibility in the rod. The ultra light rod is designed to catch smaller fish like panfish, but on occasion can bring in the one that "almost" got away!

Reeling in a big fish on an ultra light rod provides many anglers with ammunition for a huge fish tale when the get back to shore. The ultra light rod is designed for light fishing, and light bait or lures and fishing line with a lower line weight. Most ultra light set-ups are designed for line under six pound test.

To successfully land the bigger fish with the ultra light rod, be prepared to let the fish get tired. The flexibility of the rod can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing lies in the sensitivity and the curse lies in the possibility of the pole snapping before you land your fish. Give the fish slack when he needs it and just the lightest tension when he needs it. Let him get tired of fighting and be very patient with your set up. Acting hastily can result in your big fish swimming around at the bottom of the river with your bait and what is left of your line still in his mouth.

When setting up your ultra light rig, follow the manufacturers recommendations. Heavy lines don't work well in ultra light setups and may cause you more grief. Know how flexible your pole is. Know how far it can bend without over-stressing. Never let the fish keep the rod bent for more than a few seconds.

Some avid anglers prefer the ultra light set up over any other simply because they believe it shows that they are giving the fish a "sporting chance". It is much more difficult to get a big fish safely inside the boat with an ultra light set up than with a traditional heavier set up.

The best advice anyone can give you about catching big fish on ultra light rods is to be patience, practice, and use your own judgment. Many big fish have been caught on very light setups. Along with a little luck, the angler demonstrated the utmost patience! Best of luck on your fishing trips!


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