How to Choose the Best Lures for Bass Fishing

Choosing the best fishing lure for bass depends on many factors. The weather, water temperature, feeding patterns, and water color are a few of the conditions anglers must take into account when choosing the most effective lure. Trial and error is the best way to find out what works best in what conditions. Anglers should keep an assortment of lures in their tackle boxes. With the right combination of lures, an angler can choose the lure that will provide them most success with the fishing conditions.

The number one staple in a tackle box is the plastic worm, sometimes referred to as the rubber worm. Rubber worms come in nearly all shapes and sizes and probably can claim the largest number of bass caught. This type of lure can be used as a top water bait, a bottom bait, or anywhere in between. Anglers have several options in rigging this type of lure to allow them to fish where the big bass are likely to be.

The spoon is another excellent bait that every angler should keep in their tackle box. The spoon is great for fishing in areas where foliage is bountiful underwater. This type of lure flips back and forth and shines. By its very design, bass are drawn to the flashy flips, thinking they will soon have a great meal.

Any angler who has watched a professional fisherman on television has seen the results a crankbait can bring. Crankbaits are designed to look like prey, attracting hungry bass. Learning to properly fish with a crankbait can result in a full live well. Crankbaits can be fished in nearly any type of water. Be sure to add this lure to your tackle box.

Plugs can be one of the most fun types of lures to fish with. These lures are top water lures. Fished correctly, this lure will attract the attention of the big lunkers and entice them toward the surface. The thrill of having a bass grab your plug and take off can be an adrenaline rush for any angler.

Jigs are the final staple to every anglers tackle box. The right jig can produce overwhelming results in nearly any weather or water condition. Jigs can be fished as top water baits, or can fish areas of heavy cover. Jigs come in a large variety of colors and can provide anglers an excellent opportunity to catch big bass.

Be sure to take into account the conditions in which you are fishing. Choose a lure that is likely to draw the fish's attention. Lures that draw attention are likely thought of as a meal and are more likely to result in a bite.


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