How To Catch A Monster Catfish

How to fish for monster catfish. How to catch large catfish.

Here are some tips on how to catch monster catfish.

Catfish can easily grow to over 100 pounds in some rivers and lakes. Catching one of these monster fish can be the thrill of a lifetime and may even land you in the record books in your state. Even at this size they are good to eat and one monster catfish can feed several dozen people.

Where Do Monster Catfish Live?

Very large catfish, weighing over thirty pounds, often favor very deep holes in lakes and rivers. The old tale about catfish as large as Volkswagens being seen by divers near dams may be a bit over-told, but monster catfish often do choose to live in the deepest part of the lake, which is usually near the dam. In rivers a deep hole located just after an area of fast running water will be a good place to fish for monster catfish.

Yellow catfish or "yellow cats" and blue catfish or "blue cats" are two of the species most likely to achieve monster size. Yellow and blue cats are found throughout much of the southern United States.

How To Fish For Monster Catfish

You will need a freshwater fishing license for your state. As for tackle it needs to be as heavy as possible. You will need to use multi strand nylon fishing line that is rated for at least 100 pounds and a large hook of approximately three inches long. A single hook rig is best for monster fish since you do not want to have too many hooks in the way when trying to land the fish. For rod and reel fishing choose a saltwater reel and at least 100 pound test line. Use heavy duty swivel snaps and make sure to tie a proper knot in the monofilament.  Use a heavy lead or steel weight. Large bolts work well for drop line weights. Make your dropline a few feet longer than the depth of the water you are fishing in and suspend the dropline from a heavy limb. You will most likely need some type of boat to set lines in the best and deepest spot. Be sure to follow all state fishing laws and place a label with your name and address next to the drop line. Never leave a drop line for more than a few hours or you might lose a fish.

You can also catch catfish on a trotline. For how to use a trotline see: How To Fish For Catfish With A Trotline

What Bait To Use For Monster Catfish

Monster catfish like live bait. Most monster catfish have been caught on live bait such as live carp or large perch. You can also use dough bait or stink bait with good success in some areas. Catching a monster catfish is often a matter of pure luck. These large fish are not found everywhere and because of their large size they do not feed as often. The best time to fish for monster catfish is when rains have stirred up food sources and when the river is running slightly above its flow. Changes in the weather, such as an approaching cold front can also cause monster catfish to feed. 


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