How to Build a Ladder Hunting Stand

Learn the most common type of hunting stands that can be built by Do-it-Yourselfer's

Seasoned hunters will agree that a well built tree stand is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have in the woods. The choices available at sporting goods stores can be overwhelming and quite costly. Whether you've been hunting for years or you are a beginner, opting to build your own tree stand can be beneficial in many ways.

Building your own stand can assure that you have sufficient room to move safely while in the stand. A home made tree stand can also provide additional security over purchased tree stands because you have complete control over the safety features you have on your stand. You can include rails, belts, or any other type of safety equipment you desire.

The most common type of home made tree stand is the ladder stand. These stands are one of the least complicated to build and can be placed against the tree semi-permanently. Ladder stands can be quite cumbersome. Once you have built your stand and are ready to take it to the woods, enlist the aide of a friend. You will need assistance in setting the stand against the tree.

The plans below for specifically for a ladder stand. You may desire to build your own hang on tree stand, or a tower stand. A simple internet search can provide you with plans for those types of stands. Just be sure to keep safety in the forefront of your mind when constructing your stand. The largest number of accidents while hunting occur in the tree stand.

Ladder stands, as the name suggests, consist of a ladder leading up to a platform. The stand is leaned up against the tree. The hunter climbs the ladder to the platform and seat. You will need a few supplies to get started building your ladder stand. The basics supplies areas a circular saw, tape measure, hammer, three inch nails, or a drill and screws.

When purchasing the wood for your stand, be sure to choose pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber withstands weather much better than untreated lumber. The stand will last years longer. If you choose to build a metal stand, it certainly will withstand the weather, however the metal can be much more uncomfortable than wood especially in cold weather.

Plans for your stand can purchased on the internet for very little money, or feel free to design your own. Be sure to measure correctly and build your stand evenly. Safety should be your number one factor when erecting your own stand.

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