Getting Started with Big Game Hunting

Become proficient with your weapon

Anyone who has hunted any type of big game will agree that this type of hunting can provide the most exhilarating adrenaline rush imaginable. Many avid hunters plan their entire lives around big game hunting. Those who have never experienced the thrill of the hunt but desire to feel the rush, must properly prepare for the adventure.

Choosing the game you wish to hunt is possibly the easiest part of your big game hunting adventure. Your choices are many. From whitetail deer to moose, or even grizzly bears in Alaska, whichever you choose will provide you an experience you're sure not to forget. Once you have chosen the type of game you wish to hunt, the next step educating yourself the animal and what you must do to be able to hunt that animal.

Each state has specific rules and regulations regarding the hunting of big game. Some states prohibit the use of centerfire rifles, others allow rifles but prohibit the use of rimfire rifles. Nearly every state requires hunters to successfully complete a hunter education program. Many sporting goods stores keep copies of hunting guides which contain the rules and regulations of hunting in that state. This book is available through your states Department of Natural Resources or Wildlife Resources Agency.

The hunting guide will also provide information on the type of license that is required to big game in your state. Some states offer lifetime hunting licenses, these can be very beneficial to hunters wishing to continue the sport. Other states require hunters to be drawn from a lottery of hunters for the opportunity to hunt big game. Familiarize yourself with the rules of your state.

The type of weapon you choose for your big game hunt can make the difference in a successful hunt or a disappointing trip. You may opt to hunt your big game with a bow and arrow, rifle, or shotgun. Regardless of the weapon you choose, you must become proficient with it. Begin practicing several months before season. The key to accuracy is practice. The more you practice the better you will become.

Your gear is another important part of your big game hunting trip. Camouflage clothing, scent elimination products, tree stands or a blind, and optics are all items you may consider. Chose the gear you purchase based on the type of hunting you will be doing. If you are going to stalk your quarry, you will have no need for a tree stand. Do your homework and make wise choices.

Possibly the best way to learn about big game hunting is to tag along with a big game hunter. Watch what they do, ask them questions and learn. As with nearly any venture an individual undertakes, the best advice comes from learning by doing. The more you go, the more you know. Practice safe hunting measure and best of luck with your big game hunting adventure.


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