Duck Hunting: Tips for Buying a Duck Boat

Determine your hunting situation before making a boat purchase

Duck hunting has become an increasingly popular sport in the past few years. Avid duck hunters know all too well that the cost of the gear can be expensive. If you've made the decision to buy a duck hunting boat, use the tips and information below to make an informed buying decision. Choosing the right boat can save much frustration during the hunt.

The first decision you will need to make is the type of boat that will work best for your method of duck hunting. For hunters who hunt primarily in large bodies of water may opt for a jon boat, while hunters who hunt smaller water might opt for a double pointed boat. Make your decision based on the areas you hunt.  Determine the types of cover and terrain that your boat will need to have the ability to navigate in and through. In tougher terrain hunters may wish to choose a wider boat, which is more stable and has less instances of overturning.

How many people will your boat need to hold? When you go hunting, how many people go with you? The capacity of the boat will need to be sufficient to hold you, your gear, your dog, and your hunting buddies. A boat too small can run the risk of capsizing or dumping out your gear. A boat too large is overkill and money wasted. The right size boat will provide comfort and security during your hunting season. Keep in mind, that often hunters use their boats to get to and from their hunting blind. Make the determination if you will be hunting primarily from the boat, or the hunting blind.

What type of motor will you need? Some duck hunters fare well with only a trolling motor, while others need an outboard motor. Take into consideration the size of the boat and the weight of the load it must carry. Often a small outboard motor combined with a trolling motor will be sufficient in the many duck hunting scenarios.

A blind that attaches to the boat is a great idea to prevent hunters from being seen. If you already have a blind, you will want to choose a boat that the blind will fit. If you must purchase a blind, check with the dealer and find out if there are blinds made for your specific boat. Be sure to choose a blind that securely attaches to your watercraft and is not too heavy for the type of boat that you have chosen. This reduces the chance of top-heaviness and lessens the chance of capsizing.

The tips above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing a duck boat. Do your homework, shop your local classified ads, and make a decision that you won't regret. Best of luck on your hunting trips.


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