Common Mistakes Made When Bass Fishing

Time management is perhaps the most important component of bass fishing.

Even for the most skilled anglers among us fishing can some times be a hit-and-miss proposition, but by avoiding the common mistakes made when bass fishing at least the chances of success improve somewhat. There are so many variables that require attention when bass fishing that angler's often tend to overlook small measures that have a large impact on catching fish frequently and of a decent size. A fisherman can have all of the bases covered in the areas of equipment and planning for an excursion and still fail miserably due to the wrong application of techniques to match a specific set of fishing conditions.

One of the most common mistakes made when bass fishing is time management as it pertains to fishing at a given location. While patience can be a virtue for a fisherman it can also be an undesirable trait that can cause an angler to go home empty handed at the end of the day. After a fishing location has been chosen an angler should utilize their time wisely to test a reasonable amount of techniques, baits and presentations for a period no longer than 20 minutes or so before moving on to another location. To stand in the same spot for hours without a bite is just plain foolish, but regardless is one of the most common mistakes made when bass fishing. Before giving up on a fishing spot however, a fisherman must make certain that they have tried a diverse number of tricks and that the location is not adequate to achieve success.

One of the more common mistakes made when bass fishing is for an angler to head out to a fishing location with no idea of the topographical layout of the water below the surface. Bass congregate in areas of cover, and to fish in an area that offers none does not improve your chances of success. Even if the appropriate structure is found, the presentation of bait to the fish is critical. Another of the common mistakes made when bass fishing is to cast and retrieve in the same manner and at the same speed every time. Bass respond to the bait that is presented in accordance with conditions - at some times a fast retrieve will work great while a slow one will not, and at other times the opposite is true.

In any instance, the best ways to avoid common mistakes made when bass fishing all incorporate the use of basic logic, reasoning and patience applied in moderation.


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