Big Game Hunting Tips: How to Remain Undetectable

The key to any successful hunt is being undetectable

Preparing for your big game hunt begins several months before season opens. Whether you are hunting Whitetail in Kentucky, elk in Colorado, or moose in Canada, there are a few tips that you can follow to help make your hunt more successful. Every hunter's goal is to take a trophy animal during their hunt. While this doesn't happen as often as a hunter would like, you can improve your chances by preparing and following a few simple guidelines.

The most commonly hunted big game in North America is the Whitetail deer. The information below is primarily dedicated to deer hunting, though it can easily be implemented in to nearly every other type of big game hunting. Most hunters will agree that preparation is the key to any successful hunt.

Scouting before season begins will allow you to determine how many deer and the quality of the deer in the area that you are hunting. Pre-season preparation consists of many things. Many hunters enjoy shed hunting during the off season. This allows you to see what type of antlers the deer had during the last season and will be indicative of the size they will have in the upcoming season. In the off-season it is desirable to make repairs to your stands or build new ones. The commotion caused by the construction will be long forgotten by the time season opens.

Planting food plots is an excellent idea to draw in deer to your hunting area. This too, should be done during the off season. The plot should be allowed to grow and provide food to the deer during the off season.

Practicing your shot is important and should be mastered before season opens. Whether you are an archery hunter, rifle hunter, or a muzzle loader hunter, you should be confident in your choice of weapon and have even more confidence in your ability to take a shot.

During the hunt, many hunters implement the use of calls. Knowing which call to use and when can make all of the difference in your hunt. Depending on the type of deer you wish to call in you can use a variety of calls. To attract does or young bucks, consider using a distress call. This resembles the call of a fawn in distress and will stimulate the maternal instinct of a doe and peak the curiosity of a young buck. Grunt calls are designed to call in bucks, especially during the rut, but will work with any deer. A low grunt is effective in calling in nearly any deer.

Rattling is more effective in areas where the bucks outnumber the does. Bucks who hear this call respond out of curiosity and the need to assert their dominance in the woods. Rattling works best during the peak of the rutting period.

Masking your scent is another important tip for big game hunting. Being undetectable is vital in hunting. Using commercial products such as scent elimination clothing and specially designed soaps and shampoos is an excellent way to mask your scent.

Using the information above will certainly increase your chances of taking a trophy, however the best tips in the world are the ones learned by experience. Find out what works for you and use it. My friend has created an ebook especially designed to provide tips and secrets to bagging a trophy buck.

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