Baiting Wild Boar

How to hunt wild boar over bait.

Feral hogs are a destructive animal. They tear up the land and chase other native species away. They are smart and hard to hunt using traditional means. Luckily pigs have one major weakness, they cannot overlook an easy meal. For this reason hunting wild boar over bait can be extremely successful.

The most common method used for baiting wild boar is corn feeders. These feeders come in several different styles. Some use timers to spread the corn and some use gravity. The timers are usually set to go off twice a day, once shortly after day-break and once in the late afternoon. When the timer goes off corn is thrown onto the ground. After the pigs get used to the sound of the feeder going off it becomes a diner bell to them. Gravity feeders typically use a long pipe filled with bait. As the pigs eat the bait from the bottom of the pipe gravity fills the vacuum. These feeders are cheap and easy to use. The problem with feeders is once the bait is gone the pigs will move on.

Another way to bait feral pigs is to broadcast the bait over a selected area. The hogs find the bait and remain in the larger area digging up the ground to get to the bait. Continuing to rebait the same food plot will ensure the wild boars revisit. As they start to feel safe here the hogs will arrive earlier and stay in the baited area longer. They are creatures of habit and will come back time and time again.

Corn is the most popular bait for wild hogs. It is like candy to a pig. Dry corn is easy and mess free. To use it either dump the corn directly into your feeder or use your hands to broadcast over your food plot. When using corn on a food plot one way to increase the action is to ferment the corn a few days ahead of time. Fill a five gallon bucket half way with corn. Add 1/2 cup sugar. Pour just enough water into the bucket to cover the corn mixture. Let this set for at least two days. Dump this bucket in small piles throughout the food plot, then broadcast the remaining dry corn to fill in the bare ground. Over time the wild boars will till the ground leaving nothing but bare dirt. 

While corn works good over longer periods of time, for those that are on a quick hunt nothing works better than slop. Slop is nothing more than household leftover food. When planning a pig hunt start saving your leftovers weeks ahead of time in a five gallon bucket with a lid. Do not refrigerate it. Slop works best when it smells so bad you want to gag. When there are maggots crawling in the slop it is ready to be used as bait. To hunt with slop simply pour your bucket on the ground downwind. Any pig within miles will come running. 

Hunting wild boar over bait is perfect for the beginning hunter. Basic hunting principals such as scent control, wind direction and lack of movement must be followed but not to the same extent as other big game. Their habit of hitting bait sites only during low light periods keeps the time on stand short. To make it even better some states do not have a closed season on them. Wild boar make excellent table fare and the larger animals look impressive when mounted.  

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